PP wovenfor geotextile for hydraulic environment

TRST PPWR-Series Woven PP/PE for Hydraulic Environment is manufactured with in-woven loops to facilitate the fabrication of fascine mattress for easy launch and installation in the marine and hydraulic environment. The in-woven loops are strong and spaced at convenient grid intervals to provide tie-up point to attach fascine material. The fascine not only increases stiffness to the erosion control mattress during fabrication, positioning and installation., but also it provides extra resistance against rock or rip-rap sliding or rolling down the mattress, when it is placed on a slop or in high velocity current.


Mainly used as erosion protection mattresses for bottom and shore protection.

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Property Test Method Units PPWR85 PPWR125 PPWR200
       Wide Width Tensile Strength
MD @ Ultimate ISO10319 KN/m 85 125 200
CD @ Ultimate ISO10319 KN/m 85 125 200
      Wide Width Tensile Elongation
MD ISO10319 % 18 18 18
CD ISO10319 % 15 15 15
CBR Puncture ISO12236 KN/N 8 10 18
Apparent Opening Size (AOS) ISO12956 mm 0.4 0.4 0.4
Permittivity ISO11058 sec-1 0.03 0.03 0.04
UV Resistance % Retained at 500 hrs ASTM D4335 % at 500hr 90 90 90
    In-woven loop properties
    Loop spacing
MD m 0.25 0.25 0.25
CD m 0.85 1 1
   Loop spacing
   Loop tensile strength 
MD KN 1 2 3.5

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