3D PP woven for turf reinforcement

The turf reinforcement mat delivers the highest specification requirements for erosion protection of slopes, banks and channels. With unique woven construction and fibre technology, turf reinforcement mat locks in seed and soil for permanent reinforced vegetation. Outstanding UV resistance make the 3D polypropylene mat provide up to 10 times the tensile capacity of 1st Generation synthetic erosion mats


Turf Reinforcement Mat offer maximum performance for the widest range of erosion
control challenges.
●Soil reinforcement
●Slope protection
●Ground stabilization

Specifications Download

Mechanical Test Method Units TRM280 TMR470
Color Visual Green Green
      Tensile Strength
MD @ Ultimate ASTM D6818 lb/ft(KN/m) 2400(35) 4000(58.4)
CD @ Ultimate ASTM D6818 lb/ft(KN/m) 2000(30) 3000(43.8)
Elongation @ Ultimate ASTM D6818 % 50 65
Resiliency ASTM D6524 % 75 80
Thickness ASTM D6525 mm 7.6 10.2
Light Penetration ASTM D6567 % 50 10
UV Resistance % Retained at 500 hrs ASTM D4355 % 90 90
Roll Width
m 2.6 (3.8) 2.6 (3.8)
Roll Length m 50 50

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