Underground Warning Tape

TRST Warning sheet is different from traditional detectable warning tape by specialized machinery and equipment to PE pad folded and welded into a 2-fold or 3.5 times the length. The 50-meter warning sheet (two-fold) is folded into a roll by after straightening the total a length of 100 meters. It will not get easily cracked by excavator. Moreover, due to its UV and rot resistance, it can be used for a long time without replacement. And all tapes are printed on APWA approved colors to meet or exceed industry standards.


Mainly used for detecting, locating, identifying, and protecting buried underground pipes, cables and services from excavator damages.

Specifications Download

  Type   Weight   Width of Sheet   A   B
75mm Width *50m Length/roll single 77.5±2.5
75mm Width*50M Length/roll double 77.5±2.5 50±5 100±5
150mm Width*50M Length/roll single Above 1155g 155±5
150mm Width*50M Length/roll double Above 2310g 155±5 50±5 100±5
200mm Width*50M Length/roll single 207±5
200mm Width*50M Length/roll double 207±5 50±5 100±5
300mm Width*50M Length/roll single 310±10
300mm Width*50M Length/roll double Above 4730g 310±10 50±5 100±5
400mm Width*50M Length/roll single Above 3135g 413±10
400mm Width*50M Length/roll double 413±10 50±5 100±5
400mm Width*50M Length/roll double with holes Above 5720g 413±10 50±5 100±5
600mm Width*50M Length/roll double 620±20 50±5 100±5
600mm Width*50M Length/roll double with holes Above 8910g 620±20 50±5 100±5

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