PP woven geotextile for dewatering

TRST PPWG-Series geotextile tube fabric is simple, economical as well as environmentally-friendly. The unique fabric structure can hold grit and tiny particle, at the same time, swiftly drain water from the tubes.


Widely used in sand beach protection, breakwater, dam, river regulation and sewage disposal, etc.

Specifications Download

Property Test Method Units PPWG500 PPWG1000
     Wide Width Tensile Strength
MD @ Ultimate ASTM D4595 lbs/in(KN/m) 450(78.8) 1142(200)
CD @ Ultimate ASTM D4595 lbs/in(KN/m) 625(109.4) 1142(200)
      Wide Width Tensile Elongation
MD ASTM D4595 % 20(max) 20(max)
CD ASTM D4595 % 20(max) 20(max)
Factor Seam Strength ASTM D4884 lbs/in(KN/m) 400(70) 913(160)
CBR Puncture ASTM D6241 lbs(N) 2000(8900) 4000(17800)
Apparent Opening Size (AOS) ASTM D4751 mm(U.S.Sieve) 0.43(40) 0.6(30)
Water Flow Rate ASTM D4491 l/min/m2(gpm/ft2) 813(20) 815(20)
UV Resistance
% Retained at 500 hrs
ASTM D4355 % 90 90
Area ASTM D5261 g/m2(oz/yd2 ) 585(17.3) 1119(33)

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